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Collecting 101: Avon Bottles

Avon History:Over 120 years old, the company was founded in 1886 in New York City as the California Perfume Company. It didn’t take long for “CPC” to reach 10,000 representatives in 1906. That same year, 1906, was when the first color brochure was distributed. In 1928 the company boasted 25,000 representatives and introduced the first products under the name of Avon. In 1937 the company’s name officially changed to Avon Products, Inc.

During the mid 1960’s Avon began marketing novelty containers and the first Glass Car Decanter is introduced in 1968. This is followed over the next 25 years with hundreds of interesting novelty and figural decanters in both Men’s and Women’s lines. The product line itself grows to includes Fancy Soaps, Scented Candles and Holders, a complete Children’s Line of plastic toys filled with soaps and bubble baths, Stationery items, Christmas ornaments and Special Occasion gift packs, even Avon Jewelly introduced in 1971 and Family Fashions in 1973.

There are many Avon Collector Clubs in North America that can be contacted, and several books with history and information on Avon available.

Here are some items to inspire your collection:

Avon 1970's "Baby Owl"

Avon 1973 Asian Girl

Avon 1970's 'Remember When' School Desk

Avon 1972-1975 Rolls Royce Decanter